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All packed now to live out of a suitcase for 2 months, in expected weather conditions from snow in New York to beach wedding in Florida. Will has literally packed all his clothes, aside from most of his exercise kit, into his suitcase, whereas I still have enough to go into several vacuum bags that need to be shipped. Do I have too many clothes?

Today the removalists come to pack up my and Will's life in London, and ship it to sunny Brisbane. All a bit daunting! We've gotten rid of bags and boxes and complete piles of stuff, in an effort to save ourselves space and money (the removalists charge by volume) but there still seems to be stuff everywhere.

Argh, shippers are here and very early! Queue all the panic!
nisaba: (En Champagne)
The warm sun pouring in the windows just makes me want to curl up on the couch and snooze. The piles of Stuff I'm currently surrounded by are demanding to be dealt with instead. Now I'm an unemployed bum I should be out enjoying the last of the glorious sunshine, but UK time is running out and a day in the sunshine could cost us a lot of money if we end up shipping piles of crap.

I had lovely weekend in the sunshine in Brighton however. It's great of Britain to pull out one last trick to try and convince me to stay, but I've been here 12 years and I know this weather won't last. Frost by Friday! That's more the Britain I expect.

I'd never been to Brighton before, and god how I wish I had, years ago, so I could go back repeatedly. Not for the pier - ohmygod, what do the British do to a seaside! They have all this lovely nature then build a great big ruddy amusement park and arcade halfway out into the bay. Do you know that's not normal? Anyway, the pier was a once in a lifetime experience, one too many because no way in hell am I ever going on it again, but the beach was fascinating (I could sit and look at the crazy pebbles for hours), the old pier somewhat sad, good food was easily found including THE best cinnamon icecream I've ever had, and the shopping looked like it would have been great if I wasn't in the process of emptying my flat of all but the bare necessities.

Which is kinda what I need to get back to doing. Not sleeping. Yes.
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Some bloke followed me home from a work leaving do (after I kinda sorta asked him to). Now we're about to embark on our biggest adventure yet, and Will's trusting me enough to let me drag him to the other side of the world. To say I'm fortunate to have found such a loving, trusting, respectful, caring, thoughtful, considerate partner in life is an understatement of gigantic proportions. I'm counting my blessings.
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This is why I read geekfeminism, although their link to a cutesy cookie post as a commemoration leaves me somewhat cold.

But I loved Star Trek as a kid. I watched reruns of the original series growing up, but like many people my age, didn't really fall in love with it until Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The streaming stars, the romance of a ship that can take you anywhere both physically and mentally, the challenges they braved, the tough calls they made. The passion and the hardships; all of these were a life LIVED, not a life plonked in front of the tv. Which of course, is where I was, dreaming I could be one of the blessed few to enter the Starfleet Academy.

I can hardly say Star Trek has inspired me to greater things, I've not leapt into unchartered territories or dived into unknown depths. But if there's one thing life on the Enterprise and life on Earth have in common, is that it's never simple or straightforward or quite how you planned it to be. But there's still so much fun.

And I still, and forever will, have a crush on Jean-Luc Picard.
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Oh no, the only food I appear to have in the house is slightly stale bread, and bacon. To save myself from starvation, I am forced to embrace the only possible solution: the toasted bacon sandwich.


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