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It's where all my friends live.

Winter's finally here; the days only get up to 20, maybe 21 degrees, and the nights are down to 10. It's sunny most days, and lunchtimes will often see me sitting outside in a t-shirt. While the damp and lack of central heating means that 10 degrees is something you really feel, I can't complain about the days. I'm fairly sure I've seen more sunlight in my six months that I did in several years in the UK. I highly recommend it.

In the absence of friends, Will and I are powering through The West Wing. Neither of us saw it first time round, because, as we came to realise pretty early in season 1, we're bloody idiots. We're now up to the part of season 3 with Winnie Cooper in it. No spoilers please! The downside is of course that in the real world, the US president isn't actually Martin Sheen, or Aaron Sorkin for that matter. Stupid real world.

We also have our second kitten. This is Taala, a six month old grey tabby Maine Coon.

And here's a photo of Elska with her eyes open, cause they're so beautiful, even if the cat herself is being inelegant.

We had some hissing and fights in the first two weeks, but the two of them are getting along well now. Perhaps a bit too well, with Elska sometimes nuzzling Taala's belly for milk... I'm a bit worried we've got some weird feline psychological disorder going on here, but Taala accepts having her nipples licked until she's soaked quite happily, so I leave them to it. What goes on between two consenting cats...

I am LOVING having cats around again. They're a pain but being pinned to the couch by two sleeping cats is a pretty good feeling. Taala's going to be a giant, she's already 3.5kg and normal adult cat-sized. She has a very owl-like turn to her head when something catches her interest. Elska is simply the easiest bounciest most malleable kitten you've ever met.

Unfortunately my solution to the "but they don't match" issue was rejected. We won't be getting another two kittens any time soon.
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