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Jan. 18th, 2012

nisaba: (Castle love)
I'd forgotten that it's near impossible to find furnished rentals in Australia. So along with the finding a job and somewhere to live, also comes buying all the usual stuff for a house, ALL AT ONCE. Poor ole bank balance. Still, there are a lot of charity furniture places around here that we'll be raiding real soon now.

Things we have so far:
  • house

  • bed

  • fridge/freezer

  • vacuum cleaner

  • BBQ

  • outdoor table for two

  • steamer

  • kettle

  • Australian mobile numbers

  • Things we don't have:
  • jobs

  • car

  • washing machine

  • aircon

  • lawnmower

  • umbrellas

  • every other bit of furniture and household electricals

  • friends
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