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Nov. 10th, 2011

nisaba: (Autumn stag)
I'm looking out the window at the craziest looking town I've ever been in. Las Vegas. Faux New York, faux Venice, faux Paris, faux Rome, really faux pyramid - why do Americans travel when they can just come here, and it's all a hell of a lot cleaner too!

Driving the RV across crazy high mountains, through icy snow and glaring sun, has been heaps of fun. It's mostly been cold, really cold (-11) some nights, it's always been cramped, but to look out your window at twisted juniper trees, deep red rocks, and cobalt blue skies makes a great change from the usual bricks and mortar of your average hotel room. And unlike the poor buggers in tents, we had heating and enough space to play gin rummy while sitting comfortably with our feet up.

A few nights ago, my laptop, where I'd been dumping all my photos - as you may know or remember, I like to take a couple of photos a day when travelling - complained of an imminently failing hard drive. Joy. I've mostly ignored it until now, but this morning's exploration of Las Vegas has been limited to staring out the window while I save and copy and chkdsk and research how to get a Dell laptop harddrive fixed when one can no longer just ring one's friendly Dell account manager. The view is from the 41st floor so it's not entirely bad.

We saw Cirque du Soleil's Mystère last night. Stunning displays of physicality and grace as always from Cirque (oh my, really quite something in some cases), but I feel the only "mystère" was wtf was with the giant multi-coloured snail with a human face. Stuff of nightmares, that thing.

Chkdsk is taking forever. I suspect it'll die or fail or bluescreen the minute I leave it alone just like everything else I've left for the laptop to complete, but it's time to escape the hotel room. Will has a rollercoaster he needs to visit, and I need to walk off some of 3 huge meals a day I've been consuming.

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